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Charlies Den

Charlies Den specializes in: -

Curtaining and fabric and accessories: - e.g. tapes; tiebacks; hooks; runners; fringes etc.

Upholstery fabric and accessories: - e.g. buttons; nails; tacks; thread; staples; webbing; springs etc.

Tent and outdoor: - e.g. ripstop canvas; zips and sliders; waste hooks; flat hooks; rope adjustors etc.

Bakkie fittings: - e.g. tonneau covers; solid PVC cord; bungi cord; bow clips; retainer pins; saddle clips; lacing hooks; turn button sets; rope rail; metal bows etc.

Taxi, bus and cars: - e.g. fabrics; vinyl; hood lining; carpet; flooring mats; speaker carpet; twill tape etc.

Metal and plastic fitings: - e.g. snap hooks; tri-glide; O-pins; D-rings; ladder locks; s.r. clamps etc.

Charlies Den also stocks: - haberdashery; laces and trimmings; beads and they do decor for weddings and special functions.

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